Schedule Time to Pursue Your Passion

When was the last time that you were scheduled to be somewhere to support a loved one, but didn’t follow through? Perhaps it was for your child’s soccer game, the launch of a friends new business or a neighbors holiday party.  What about the last meeting at work or with the organization that you are a part of that was on your schedule for weeks, did you not show up? My guess is never…no. Or, at least not intentionally. So why do we schedule time to support others, but not ourselves? Why do we not schedule time to do the things we enjoy, that we are passionate about?

As silly as it may sound, we have to make time for these things by scheduling them as we would anything else. Yes, that means blocking time in our schedules to do the things we enjoy, that we are passionate about.  They must become a priority by either writing or typing them into our schedules; otherwise, we will likely never get around to them. Why? Well, because LIFE HAPPENS. Although our intentions maybe good, things will inevitably come up. Can I get an amen this Thursday evening?

So,  where do we start when every minute of every day seems to be occupied with things that we “need” to do? I say start small and grow from there. That is what I have done over the years. Maybe that means committing to 30 minutes every day or 3 times a week. Perhaps you can plan on getting up a bit earlier, staying up a little later or using part of your lunch hour. Whatever you decide, commit and follow through. Write it on your calendar and protect the time that you have allotted yourself. Do not allow anything to keep you from taking that time. That may mean saying no to somethings . After all, we make time for the things that are important to us. Don’t we? Are the things that you are passionate about important to you? Of course they are! Give yourself permission to make time for them.

The Lord has designed each of us with things that we enjoy doing and wants us to do them. I truly believe that our passions are an indicator of work that the Lord wants to do in AND through us. By not pursing them due to guilt or anything else keeps him from doing just that. Let’s make a decision together today that we are going to strive to make time for these things by scheduling them into our calendars . I am certain that we will find that we will not only be better for doing so, but that our loved ones will be too!

Thank you guys for being a part of this blog week. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend! Cheers!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson



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