Don’t Miss The Small Stuff

As we wrap up this blog week on the “small stuff’, I just want to encourage you all to be mindful of the blessings around you. I realize that the days are filled with obligations that need to be met, but don’t miss the blessings along the way. From the smile on a child’s face, to a simple flower on your path, keep your eyes and ears open. The Lord is all around. Not only is he making his presence known, but he his filling each day with such hope and love through the people and things that you encounter. Strive to be present in each moment, and don’t forgo the opportunity to experience him in the pursuit of your agenda. I guarantee that by doing so, your days will be much more rich and satisfying.

I love you guys! Have a great weekend. I’ll see you back here on Monday. Take care!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson



Finding Beauty In The Small Stuff

While in the process of taking the picture above, my husband asked me why I had chosen to do so. From the tone in his voice, he obviously didn’t think there was anything special about it.  At first glance, most people would likely agree. After all, it was ordinary. Or, was it?

When I initially noticed the bird from a distance, there were at least 20 others  surrounding it. The closer I walked towards them, they began to fly away. But, not this one. It sat there peacefully portraying such confidence without being bothered by me in the slightest bit. It was the peace and confidence that drew me in. You know, the “small stuff”.

Living in a culture that tends to focus on outward beauty, I think we often miss the beauty that can only come from within. That is, the beauty of the Lord within each one of us. I, for one, do not believe that there is anything more beautiful than peace, confidence, kindness, gentleness and love when expressed by another. These attributes far out weight beauty that is skin deep.

With that said, lets strive to be the people that recognize the beauty within others. Let’s be on the look out for the “small stuff” within the people that we encounter each day. I think that as we do this, we will find much more deep and meaningful relationships. And we will begin to see the Lord in a new and beautiful way.

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson


Look Out For The Small Stuff

Sunday as John and I were walking across this bridge, I noticed that it felt as though it was moving. There were times when I had to hold on to the ledge because of it. The subtle movement made me a little dizzy, nervous and very uncomfortable . To be honest, I couldn’t wait to get to the other side to hop off.

Once we did,  I took a quick look back and thought about how much our lives resemble the bridge. We are constantly walking across “bridges”  into unknown territories in our daily lives. The experience can sometimes leave us feeling nervous, uncomfortable, and scared. But, we eventually get there.  And when we do, we build a little courage…a little confidence for the next time.

What amazes me about this is that the Lord uses things like bridges to illustrate this to us in our day to day. The “small stuff” is hidden in the ordinary. However, we are often too busy to recognize it. We are so focused on our own agendas that we miss what the Lord is trying to show us.

With that said, I am going to challenge you this week to keep your eyes and ears open. Be on the look out for the “small stuff”. When you walk into a room, pay close attention to the things around you.  When you’re in conversation with someone else, be present. Be attentive. Look for opportunities to spot the blessing in all things. I assure you that they are there. And once you spot a couple, he’ll show you more. I guarantee it!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

Noticing the Small Stuff

Good Monday morning, everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend. It was a beautiful one here in North Texas. The favorable temperatures combined with the sunny skies had the Watson’s out and about a bit. Saturday we spent a good portion of my husbands birthday at the Dallas RV Show, and Sunday, he & I enjoyed a 9 mile walk around White Rock Lake. Needless to say, it was a much needed weekend for us all.

With that said, this week I wanted to touch on enjoying the small stuff. Living in this place in time, we are all so busy. Life seems to be going at a record speed. From the time that we awake each morning until we lie down each night, it seems as though our days are filled with the many things that we have to do. At least, this seems to be the case in our home.

The problem with this is that if we do not practice being mindful of the things that are going on around us in the process of checking things off of our “To-Do” list, we will miss the small stuff. By “small stuff”, I mean blessings. See, as we are going about our day, there are blessing all around us. I call them “hidden gems”. They are everywhere. From the conversations that we have with people, to the little things that are going on in the back ground, blessing can be found in them all.

The squirrel in the picture above in an example of this. I had no idea that John had taken it while we were at the lake. I was too busy doing other things that I missed it. It wasn’t until we got home and I started looking through the pictures that I stumbled across it. How in the world did this little creature notice John in the midst of all that was going on at the lake?  More importantly, how did John notice it? It was as though time had stopped for only a minute for the two of them to get a glance at one another. It’s so beautiful.

My point? There are blessings amongst us, but we must be willing to slow down long enough to notice them. Otherwise, we will miss the opportunity to seize them. I believe that each one of these blessings are a smile from God letting us know that he not only sees us, but that he is with us.

My prayer for you today, is that you will be more aware of the ” small stuff”. That you will not take them for granted. Keep your eyes and ears open, my friends. As you do this, you will become more and more aware of the Lords presence in your life. He is all around you and making his presence known!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson