Dare To Be- Part 4

This blog week we have been talking about daring to be who we were created to be and fulfilling the assignments that we were designed to fulfill. I touched on two things that can potentially keep us from doing just that or that could move us closer to them, which is our circumstances and the opinions of others. Today, I want to talk about our thoughts, which encompasses them both.

See, if we are not careful, our thoughts can keep us trapped in our circumstances and in the opinions of others. While I understand, first hand, that circumstances in this life can be tough at times, it is the way in which we think of them and ultimately approach them that makes the difference. We can either focus our attention….our thoughts on all that is wrong, which will create more wrong, or we can find one thing that is good, which will create more good. Now our minds, by default, will tend to focus on all that is wrong in our circumstances; however, each time we redirect our thoughts to the good, we train our minds to find good. Negative thoughts can become a trigger for us to focus on something positive in any circumstance, if we allow them to.

Now take the opinions of others. Did you catch that? The OPINIONS of others. Their OPINIONS are just that…. OPINIONS. They are mere thoughts that are based on their personal life experiences that are not factual in nature. Why on earth then do we allow the thoughts of others to keep us from becoming who we were created to be and doing that which we know we have been called to do? The answer….our thoughts! Instead, we should use their opinions as triggers to remind ourselves of our truth! That which is true for US.

My friends, buried within each of us is an ocean filled with beauty and wonder! Below its surface are treasures that are waiting to be discovered! Will you DARE TO BE who you were created to be and fulfill the assignment that you were designed to fulfill by exploring its possibilities, or will you allow circumstances, opinions , and negative thoughts keep you from doing just that?

Warmest Regards,

Salina Watson