Learning and Growing Through Unexpected Events

Have you ever noticed how when unplanned events happen in our lives we become more present and aware of things? Not only that, but we tend to be more compassionate towards others as a result. I can certainly see where this has been the case in my own life.

5 years ago this coming May, my family and I had to put our little dog, Pistach down unexpectedly. Out of no where one Monday morning he became very ill. 5 short days later on my 22nd wedding anniversary  we found ourselves at an emergency clinic late that evening having him “put to sleep”. As you can imagine, this unexpected event left my family and I heartbroken.  Honestly, we were all devastated.

One of the things that I found interesting after his passing is just how much we missed the little things he would do that brought us such joy. Many of which we still talk about to this day.  He would do things like meet us at the door after a long work &/or school day as though he was welcoming us home. And he always seemed so happy to see us. The one thing that he would do with me was join me in the kitchen super early in the mornings. He would sit quietly staring at me waiting on a treat and  became very excited when I would offer one to him.

The thing is, I think we took these things for granted until they were no longer a part of our day. Not only did the unplanned event force us to be more present and aware of the joy that he brought us as a result of his absence, but we became more compassionate towards others who have faced similar situations since.

I think this is what the Lord was referring to when he said, ” I will take what was meant for your harm and use it for your good”. See, although unplanned events often cause things to happen that we would not have chosen on our own, they ultimately work in our favor by forcing us to learn and grow. In hindsight can you see where this may have been the case in your own life? Has there been something that has happened unexpectedly that has helped you to see things differently or perhaps notice something for the first time? Could the Lord have used it to help you grow in some way?  I’m guessing the answer is yes.

While none of us like being surprised by unexpected events like the one that I shared with you today, lets strive to find something good in them. For there is always something good to be found, if we have the eyes to see it!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson


Unexpected Events That Change Us

What are somethings that happen to us when our agenda’s for the day or for our life change in an instant due to unforeseen circumstances? I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, I draw closer to the Lord. Now, I haven’t always been this way; however, with time and experience I have learned that it is the one and only thing that gets me through the situation whether it be significant or insignificant.

Take my daughter, Morgan’s illness for instance. As many of you already know, she relapsed with leukemia in June 2018 and has been receiving treatment since that time. As you can imagine, this along with her initial diagnosis in December 2009 were unexpected and life changing, to say the least. Everything that we were doing and planning at the time that we received the news of both came to a halt. Needless to say, our lives took on completely different directions each time.

During moments like this it is easy to get discouraged, loose hope and ask why. That is, when life does not go the way that we plan for it to or think that it should. Thankfully, the Lord is in control and has a plan for it all. While I do not believe that he causes things like this to happen, I do believe that he uses it for our good. This is where faith comes in, my friends. We must trust that the unexpected things that arise in our lives will be used for our good. In my case, Morgan’s illness has truly deepened my relationship with our Creator and allowed me to share my faith with the world.

So, is there something in your life that has happened unexpectedly? Could the Lord be using it to change you in some way? It may not be an illness, but something that you were not planning on, none the less. Perhaps it’s time to look at it from a different angle. You might just find that there is something within it that is meant to help you…not harm or discourage you.


Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

Things Can Change In An Instant

Good morning, everyone! Happy Monday! Where in the world did the weekend go? It vanished in a blink! I feel like there should be a law that everyone must take 3 days off each week. Two days doesn’t seem like enough, does it?  After all, it takes one day to recover from the previous week , another to prepare for the upcoming week, and then you have to find time for recreation in between.  Can I please get an amen this morning?!?!

Well…now that we have that out of the way, lets get started. Have you noticed how things don’t always go as planned? I mean you can have good intentions for your day, but then something happens that throws everything off course. This was the case for the Watson’s yesterday.  While one of our children and their friend were running a quick errand, they were hit by another vehicle. The driver of that vehicle darted out of the median into oncoming traffic. Thankfully, everyone involved were okay; however, it left the two of them saying, “It’s strange how things can change in a matter of minutes.”

It’s true! Life as we know it can change in an instant. And it generally happens without notice, as with the accident. I’m sure each of you can relate to this on some level.  I know I sure can. There have been many times in my own life where I was blind sided by things that completely changed the course of my life.  It was as though, life as I knew it up until then stopped and a new life began. Although not every unexpected event will have this type of effect on us, they will certainly effect us in someway.

Can you think of a time when something happened unexpectedly in your life? How did it make you feel in that moment? Was it something that changed the course of your day, or did it impact your life? This is what we will be talking about this blog week. My hope is that we will some how be able to see the Lords hand in it all. While I do not think that he causes unforeseen things to happen to us , I do believe that he allows them so that we can learn and grow as a result of them. I hope that you will stick around as we dive deeper into this topic this week. I’ll see you here tomorrow. Take care!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson




Could Anticipation of The Future Keep Us From Embracing The New?


This blog week we have been talking about different ways we can potentially miss seeing the beautiful new things that the Lord is doing in our lives. One way is by doing things that no longer serve us. Although they may have served a purpose in our past, they may not in our present.  The second way is through our personal agenda’s. Sometimes we can be so focused on it that we miss all that he is doing in the process. This brings me to the third and final way, which is anticipation of the future.

How many of you at the end of last year were looking forward to the beginning of 2019? Perhaps 2018 was not exactly what you had hoped it would be, and you were wanting a clean slate. Or, maybe it was everything & more than you could have imagined and you were excited about what was to come. Whatever the case may have been for you, could it have kept you from truly seeing all that he was doing at the time? If you’re anything like me, likely so. Sometimes we can be so focused on the future that we miss the gifts that are hidden in the present.

The truth is, each day that we are given the Lord is doing something new in and through us all. It is the point of our existence.  We were not meant to stay as we are, but rather become all that he created us to be. It is a process, my friends. That is, we are a work in progress. Let us strive to embrace the new by living every moment fully present. In doing so, we will begin to see the “pathways” and “rivers” before us! I am sure of it!

Thank you all for being here this week. Please send me your thoughts and ideas on anything that we covered. I always love hearing from you guys!  Otherwise, I’ll see you back here on Monday and on Facebook-  https://www.facebook.com/thefaithfilledtraveler/ , until then. Happy weekend! Take care!


Warmest regards,

Salina Watson




Are Our Schedules Keeping Us From Embracing The New?

Could our busy schedules be keeping us from embracing the new that the Lord is attempting to do in our lives? Are we so focused on our own agenda’s that we are failing to see the things that he is doing before our eyes? Although I cannot speak for you guys, I, for one, can see where this has been the case in my own life.

As a planner, I generally have my days planned out in advance. From the time that I wake up until I go to bed, I have a To-Do list of task that I check off each day. This combined with daily disciplines that I rarely veer from, like going to the gym help me to stay focused, be productive and achieve goals. This routine all started when my children were younger. During that time, I was working long hours and trying desperately to be the best wife and mother I could be. In order to do that, I woke up extra early and worked from a To-Do list that prioritized things that were important me. I didn’t want to jeopardize my family and their needs for the sake of building a career.

That said, over the years I have grown more and more dependent on my To-Do list. Because of this, I often have to step back , regroup and remind myself not to be so laser focused on the task at hand, that I miss the things that the Lord is doing in my life. After all, our journey here on earth is all about him and his plan for us, right?

So, what about you? Is it possible that your schedule could be keeping you from seeing and experiencing the things that the Lord is trying to do in your life? If so, are you willing to forgo somethings throughout your day in order to embrace it?  I sure hope so. For he is doing new thing, my friends! Let’s dare not miss it!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

Letting Go Of The Old While Embracing The New

Can you think of something in your past that served a purpose at the time, but no longer serves you today? Take this old barn for example, I’m sure at one time it served the purpose of housing farm animals like horses, but in it’s current state, it would not be a good option for them today. This brings me to my first point of the blog week of things that keep us from embracing the new and that is the past.

See, if we allow it, our past will rob us from the new and beautiful things that the Lord is doing in our life today. One thing that stands out in my own life, is our children.  When they were younger, I would  teach, guide and protect them by holding their little hands and walking them through various experiences. But now that they are older, I let them figure somethings out on their own. And while I am here to love, support and advise them should they want me to, I no longer hold their hands. I believe this approach gives the Lord space to do what he wants to do in and through them.

So, could there be something in your past that is keeping you for embracing the new things that the Lord is trying to do in your life today? Perhaps its something that you’ve been doing for years that served a purpose initially, but no longer serves you today. Or, maybe it is something or someone that hurt you. Are you allowing it/them to keep you from embracing the new? If so, it’s time to let it go! Don’t allow the old to keep you from the new, my friend! For HE is doing a NEW THING!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

Embracing The New

Hello there…happy Monday! How was your weekend? With a few things on our schedule, the Watson’s were busy bee’s. However, we did manage to slow down for the majority of the day yesterday to celebrate my oldest daughter’s birthday. Although it was a simple celebration, the time that I spent with my family combined with the conversations that we had throughout the day were pretty special. Well, enough about me. Let’s get started with this blog weeks topic.

Have you noticed how new construction seems to be popping up everywhere? I feel like every time I turn around there is a new business &/or home being developed. To be honest, I often fail to notice them during the construction phase. It isn’t until they are completed that I find myself wondering how I missed the whole process of them being built, which can take months…years. I think this holds true for the new things that the Lord is trying to build in and through us. We often miss the construction phase in pursuit of our own agenda’s. Or, we are so focused on the old that we do not recognize the new things that he is currently doing.

The word says in Isaiah 43:19 (NLT)- “For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” Guys, do you hear what I am saying? The Lord is creating beautiful new things in, through and around us, and we are missing them. That is, we are missing the blessing’s that are taking place in the space between that which is old and new.

For the next few days we are going to talk about 3 things that keep us from missing the “construction phase” in our own lives. I hope that you will join me each day and that by the end of the blog week we will be more aware of these things so that we can embrace the beautiful new things that the Lord is doing. Will you join me? I hope so. Have a great Monday! Take care!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson




You Are A Blessing To Others

What if you are meant to be someone else’s blessing today? Perhaps the blessing will come in the form of something that you say to a friend, a smile that you extend to a stranger, or time that you spend with a loved one. Could it be that the Lord intends on using the unique gifts and talents that you have been given to bless the world around you? Yes, my friends…the answer is yes!

For the past few days we have been talking about blessings that are often found in the ordinary day to day things and the people that cross our paths, but the Lord also uses us to bless others. See, each one of us have some things to offer the world that only we can.  They are unique to us.  And although they may seem insignificant to us, they could be quite the opposite to someone else.

Take my friends and family in the picture above for instance, each of these beautiful people bless me in some way when I am around them. From Ben and his strong southern accent to Dayton and her precious giggle to Morgan and her beautiful smile and Montana’s encouraging words, I always feel blessed to be in their presence. Besides, what mom wouldn’t like to hear, ” Mom, you’re beautiful”. Right?

With that said, who will YOU bless today? How will you be the difference in someone else’s life? The truth is, you may never know. The impact that you have on the world may go unnoticed by you, but be certain that it will not go unnoticed by others. For the light that is within you shines bright! You are blessed to be a blessing!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I’ll see you here on Monday, and on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/thefaithfilledtraveler/, until then!!!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson



Blessings That Are Found In The Ordinary

Do you suppose that the Lord could be using every day things to bless us with answers to prayers? Or, to confirm that we are on the right path? As silly as it may sound, I’m talking about things like t-shirts. Yes, t-shirts. Could he be using ordinary things in our day to day to bless us? Of course he is!

Yesterday I received this t-shirt from a friend that I have not seen in well over a year.  I met her while on a retreat in October 2017, and I have only seen & spoken to her a couple of times since.  During the retreat I shared a little bit about my running journey that started in August 2013 with her and a small group of ladies. I told them how when I first started I could not run halfway around the track near our home without stopping and gasping for air. Yes, it was awful and a little funny, too. But, with time, patience, and persistence, I managed to build up to 16miles , and I still faithfully run to this day, some 5.5 years later.

During that time, I distinctly remember hearing a small still voice say, “Meet me at the track”. In fact, I heard it many times over the course of that year.  What I began to realize is that the Lord was using my training time to teach me new things about myself, and most importantly about him. See, the running adventures had very little to do with running at all, and everything to do with what the Lord was trying to do in me as a result of them.

Fast forward to today, where I find myself in new territory with a blog and creating t-shirts to sale to help support my family & fund my daughters adventure, I received the reminder above. That is, I received a blessing from the Lord in the form of a t-shirt reminding me that it is not about my blog or t-shirt designs, but rather what he is doing in me as a result of them, and that I am on the right path. Guys, I was in tears. I mean ugly tears. Especially when I found out that she has had the shirt ready for about a month; although, she delivered it yesterday. My friends, do you see the blessings surrounding this? It was all in the Lord’s time. I received the shirt at the time that I needed it most. And what blessing it was … it is !

So what have you been praying for? Are you needing a confirmation that you are on the right path? Look around! I am certain that he is blessing you with the answers that you are seeking, and that he is using the ordinary things to do it. Don’t miss it! It’s beautiful,  so…so beautiful! Keep your eyes, ears and hearts open to the blessings around you. They will likely not come as you expect for them to, but rather how they are intended to!

Make it a great Wednesday, everyone. As always, I’ll plan on seeing you on Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/thefaithfilledtraveler/ later today and here tomorrow morning as we wrap up the blog week. Take care!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson


Blessings That Come Through Others

Have you ever noticed how being around other people effects the way you feel? You can be walking around with the weight of the world on your shoulders, have a conversation with a friend, loved one or stranger and instantly feel a little lighter. What about when someone smiles or laughs, do you do the same thing in response to it? I sure do, and I don’t think twice about it. It’s like magic! If someone smiles, I smile. And if they laugh, I laugh. It’s contagious!

I believe these little moments are blessings from God. I am certain that he sends people into our lives when we need them the most, whether we are aware of the need or oblivious to it. It can be someone that we’ve known for years or someone that we’ve just met. Perhaps it’s for a moment or an extended period of time. Regardless, he uses people to bless us with what we need when we need it.  It’s such a beautiful thing that I think we often miss, because it’s generally so subtle.  So subtle that we sometimes fail to see the Lord’s hand in it.

So, is there something that you have been praying about that the Lord could be using someone else to help bring it to pass? Or, could it be that he is trying to show you something new through the actions of others? My challenge for you this week is to be present…to be fully aware of the people in your path. As you begin to notice them through eyes of faith, I believe you will inevitably see the Lord at work blessing you in more ways than one. And I would love to hear about it. If you are willing to share these experiences with me, you can comment below, send me an email or private message .

On that note, I pray that you all will have a wonderful Tuesday. May the day be filled with abundant blessings for each and every one of you. I’ll see you later today on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/thefaithfilledtraveler/ ) and right here tomorrow morning. Take care!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson