We Are Not Alone- Part 3

Can you think of time when you have judged someone due to what they were wearing, saying, doing? Perhaps it was a stranger that you have never met and knew nothing about. Or, maybe it was a loved one that you see each & every day and know everything about . If we’re honest, it is likely that we have all done it at one time or another and more times than we care to admit.

With a daughter who is physically disabled due to neurotoxicity from a chemotherapy that she took in 2010, I can certainly attest to being judged when we are out and about, on occasion. Although our daughter,Morgan looks like a healthy individual from the outside, she has issues with mobility, speech, hand coordination, and she has been battling leukemia for a 2nd time since June 2018.

That said, at first glance, if she is not walking, talking or using her hands, someone who doesn’t know her and her story may not pick up on her disability. An example of this would be when she rides in a scooter at the grocery store due to her inability to walk long distances. Or when we were in Destin, Florida at the beginning of the summer and we loaded her up in a grocery cart, yes….a grocery cart each day to bring her to the beach. Let’s just say that we received a few stares & heard a few whispers from strangers who knew nothing about her story.

My point? How will we come to understand that we are truly not alone when we are faced with challenges, if we are fearful of being judged by the world who is constantly judging us . I mean, wouldn’t you agree that the reason we feel isolated in our situations and do not open up to others is because we are fearful of the opinions that they may form about us? It’s a vicious cycle.

My friends, I believe that in order for us to understand that we are not alone in whatever situation we find ourselves in, we must first refrain from judging others and instead love & accept them just as the Lord has done for each of us. This will allow space for them to be transparent, which will give others permission to do the same. The result will be authenticity amongst us all. I just know it!

So, can you think of a time when you felt alone and did not want to open up to others out of fear of what they may think? What did you do instead? If you are willing and able to share, I would love to hear from you. Perhaps we can all learn from your experience.

Thank you guys for being here tonight. I’ll meet you here again tomorrow as we wrap up the blog week. Take care!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

4 thoughts on “We Are Not Alone- Part 3

  1. Back when I was in the Navy, I wasn’t following God. I messed up my back after that my mobilization was not the greatest. They always said I was faking it. I have later messed up my back after six of seven times and found more mobility with the Tommie Copper shirts, and Curamin extra strength pain relief. I still have pain. I am always praying for Morgan and Salina and the rest of the family. I have others that are praying for Morgan as well. I am glad to see this blog and read it with a smile. I smile when I see Morgan, that she is a light to us all even with what she is going through.

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  2. Love this!! Being transparent not only allows other people to see us as real and authentic, but sets us free from trying to be someone we are not! I have learned recently through some (minor) health issues of my own, that being just who God made me to be is enough! Love you Salina! Thanks for doing this, you are making a difference! I am and will continue to pray for you all!

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