Living… Learning… Growing (Part 3)

Have you ever said or heard someone say something like, ” You don’t have control over anything or anyone. You only have control over yourself.” ? Personally, I have said and even heard similar statements many times over the course of my life. However, experiencing it through my personal shopping adventure has really heightened my awareness of this.

As a personal shopper, everything from scheduling my hours for the week to shopping for my customers was done through an app. On the days that I was scheduled to work, I would receive an alert when I had a customer that needed groceries. I would then shop for them given the list of goods they had selected on the app and deliver them to their homes.

After a few weeks of doing this, I began to notice patterns related to the app. It became evident that the company was controlling everything from scheduling, to the wait list, to the particular orders that I would receive and where I would shop and then deliver them to my customers. Unfortunately, after disputing the referral bonus that I had received due to it being much less than they had advertised, it was apparent that they were not in my favor. Thankfully, the Lord gave me vision to recognize this.

For years I have prayed for eyes to see, ears to hear and the heart to feel that which the Lord is attempting to show me… to teach me… to remind me of. And there is no doubt that this was the case in this particular situation. What he showed me was that  the things of this life will control us, if we allow them to. What he reminded me of is that he is in control of it all, but we must allow him the room to do what only he can do. See, our father, the Creator of The Universe loves us so much that he gives us the freedom to do it our way. But, when/if we finally figure out that our way isn’t necessarily the best way, he steps in. Thank goodness, he steps in!

Well, I pray this post has helped you in some way. The experience has certainly helped me… tremendously. With that….make it a great day. LET GO AND LET GOD! His ways are much greater than our own. Take care, my friends. I’ll see you here tomorrow as we wrap up the blog week!!!


Warmest regards,

Salina Watson


One thought on “Living… Learning… Growing (Part 3)

  1. Thank goodness God steps in, too many times I have messed things up on my own. Thanks for always sharing your blog.


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