Living… Learning… Growing ( Part 2)

Have you ever enjoyed something so much that you wanted to tell everyone you know about it? Was it something that you felt would not only benefit you and your family, but the world around you? I certainly have. In fact, that is exactly what recently happened when I entered the world of personal shopping in an effort to contribute to my families income during my daughters leukemia battle. Only in my case, I quickly learned that things were not exactly what they appeared to be. But, the Lord is who he says he is and does what he says he will do. He is faithful!

See…when I ventured out into the new world of personal shopping, I did so because of the flexibility it offered and because I felt like it would not only benefit my family in various ways, but the world around me. After all, I was able to serve the elderly, the sick, moms who were home with their children, etc. This gave me a sense of purpose each morning that was far greater than myself. And on top of that, the company offered a generous bonus for anyone that you referred to them to do the same thing, if they met certain requirements within a designated time frame.

Excited about what I was experiencing, I shared the opportunity with my middle daughter, Mariah. As a college student, I felt like she would benefit  not only from the additional income, but the flexibility to earn it when she was able to do so. Equally excited, she hit the floor running. Not only did she earn extra income, but she met the requirements for me to earn my bonus. And she did it with a week to spare.

That said, the excitement that the two of us shared quickly came to an end when the company did not stand up to their end of the bargain in regards to the bonus. Instead, they gave me 5% of what they were offering for our area. As you can imagine, this was quite frustrating and disappointing considering that the two of us worked really hard to meet the criteria. Everything that I had come to believe about my new adventure quickly came to a halt.

Thankfully, during that process the Lord reminded me that all good things come from him and that although others may fall short of their promises, he never will. The funny thing is, the reminder came in the form of a Kroger gift card. Yes, my friends…a Kroger gift card.  A few short days after learning what the company did, my family and I received a gift card for groceries from someone, and it was in the amount of the bonus that I was supposed to receive for the referral. Doesn’t the Lord have a funny sense of humor? Not only did he bless us with the amount of the bonus, but he used the very thing that Mariah and I were shopping for to bless us with…..GROCERIES!

My point? There are two. First… although others may fall short, the Lord never will. Second, blessings come in many forms and we will miss them if we focus too hard &/or long on what we think “should” be. He has a plan and a purpose for it all, my friends. Rest in knowing that!!! (Hugs) to you all! Make it a great day!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson


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