He Is At Work- Part 4

This blog week I have been sharing with you various ways that the Lord has been at work through my new adventure of personal shopping. From the grocery store isles to the produce department, he has been busy reminding me that there is no such thing as “perfect” and that there are just somethings that we do not have control over in this life. But, the one thing that has been most obvious each day is that he is at work through me and the people that I am meeting.

See, in an attempt to help my family financially during my daughters leukemia battle, the Lord is using this experience to connect me & my customers together for reasons that we may or may not be aware of in the present, as well as provide a much needed service. I have met elderly individuals/couples who rely on personal shoppers, like myself, for their groceries due to their inability to drive . There have been moms who are home with small children that I have delivered to who reminded me of myself when my children were younger. It was so darn hard to take them shopping with me and unload the groceries when I returned home. Not to mention those who have been ill and unable to get to the grocery store.

The scenario’s that I have mentioned here are only a few that I have encountered . There have been many. But I will tell you that something has come out of each one of them. Whether the Lord used them to teach, show or remind me &/or my customers of something, he has certainly been at work in the process of this whole adventure. It’s so beautiful honestly. I just never know what is going to transpire when I drive up to their home, condo, apartment or place of employment in my little Chevrolet Sonic. But I am certain that the Lord will show up and be at work in the midst of it all!

On that note, I will end there. I apologize that I did not get this last blog post for the week out on Thursday as usual. Please give me grace. (LOL) . Let’s plan on meeting back here on Monday and on Facebook until then. Have a great weekend and a beautiful Easter Sunday with those that you love! Take care !!!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

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