He Is At Work- Part 3

In a grocery store setting, what does produce, empty shelves and improper bagging of groceries all have in common? Well, if you recently ventured out into the world of personal shopping to help support your family during your daughters leukemia battle, it could be that they all have the potential to drive you CrAzY! At least that is the case for me.

Take the produce department at your local grocery store for instance. Have you ever stood there looking for a piece of fruit for any length of time to only find all of them bruised, blemished or too ripe? What about the little bags that you put them in? Did it take you forever to get them open? I know, what about the one product that you desperately need that they don’t have or getting home to find that your meat is bagged with the soap you just purchased?  Oh my goodness, all of these things have happened to me on more than one occasion as I raced through the stores attempting to deliver my customers groceries to them on time and they have honestly been so frustrating.

So what does any of this have to do with our topic of HE IS AT WORK this week? Well, it has everything to do with it. See, each time a scenario as such or similar occurs, the Lord is at work teaching me that I don’t have control over any of them; therefore, I must learn to let them go. I’m laughing at myself as I type this because it so silly. I mean….it’s groceries, Salina. But this goes back to what I shared with you yesterday in regards to the things that my grandfather said to me as a young girl that I have carried into my adult life like, “If you’re going to do something, DO IT”! And ” Your name is on everything you do”.  Although these things were said to me out of love, over the years I have allowed them to weigh me down and expect more from myself than anyone else can possibly expect from me.

With that said, I am still learning. But I am further along in the process than I was 3 weeks ago. Thank goodness. My hope in sharing this with you today is that you will some how see yourself in this and begin to give yourself grace. For he did not die on a cross for any of us to live in bondage. And by expecting things from ourselves that we do not have control over, we are essentially keeping ourselves bound.

Happy Thursday, my friends! Make it a great one! Take care!!!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson




2 thoughts on “He Is At Work- Part 3

  1. Thanks for sharing that Salina. I have been doing the same thing. Like yesterday when I woke up late from laying down in the bed. I was kicking myself because I didn’t show up on time. People at church that I shared it said that was okay, you will have next week. It is the things I have to let go of that I never have, my dad when I was growing up was so hard on me, he said he did those things cause he loved me. I have held onto that and have worked so hard when I work I work, and I am done when everything is done. Yesterday I was trying to get everything done and the baler was filling up and I was told roughly to go get off the clock. Which I should of just put the stuff back in the back room and clocked out and went home. I could not do that and because it is cause I work for Jesus I have to work differently than the rest. I know I cannot have it perfect I will get it close to that every time. I know I am not perfect and that I am a work in progress.


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