He Is At Work- Part 2

What type of work could the Lord possibly be doing in the heart of a personal shopper? Well, as The Faith Filled Traveler who has been traveling around town the past few weeks shopping for others, I can tell you that he is definitely at work in me and that he is using things like peanut butter and fruit snacks to do it. Yes, you heard that right…peanut butter and fruit snacks.

Since I was a young girl I learned the importance of hard work. My grandfather would always say, ” Salina, if you’re going to do something…DO IT”! In other words, do it 100%. He would also say, “You’re name is on everything that you do”. Although this advice was good and given to me with a loving heart, it has weighed me down more times than I care to admit.

See…when I do anything and I mean ANYTHING, I want to do it the best that I possibly can. This sometimes means taking a little longer to do whatever it is that I am doing to ensure that it is done right, or at least  done “right” in my eyes. It can also mean checking, double checking and sometimes even triple checking myself . That said,  as a personal shopper, you are racing against a clock to deliver groceries to your customers by a designated time. You don’t have time to check, check and recheck.

Although this process has been a little difficult for me, it has really helped me to let go of my need to be “perfect” and to be confident in my work from the start. I am able to quickly check the quality of the product and it’s expiration date and move on to the next. Now, I will not say that I have mastered this, but I am a whole lot better at it now than I was 3 weeks ago.

My point? The Lord is teaching me to be confident in my work from the start and to give myself some slack. He is also showing me that being “perfect” is an illusion that will never be obtained. For the only thing “perfect” in this life is he. Everything else is a work in progress! Rest in knowing that, my friends!

I’ll see you here tomorrow as we continue our talk on HE IS AT WORK and on Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/thefaithfilledtraveler/  this afternoon! Make it a great day! Take care!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson


2 thoughts on “He Is At Work- Part 2

  1. I am always beating myself up for things I can’t get done. Then like today, I just finished at work and was trying to load the baler, which needed to be made. Then the boss says to go and get off the clock. I know that I work for Jesus, and that when I work I don’t take breaks. Also like today I fell asleep and didn’t get to church to help out like I normally do. People were like you should not beat yourself up. I know if I am going to be somewhere and do something, and at the church it is voluntary. I got there late. I can tell you I don’t like time and I don’t like the clock. When I go to work I am always behind and if you were to look at me still working after 8 am on work days. I am supposed to leave. The work is not done on the busiest days at work. I am glad that Jesus doesn’t look at me like the people at work do.


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