Taking Control of Our Response When The Unexpected Occurs


This blog week we have been talking about the unexpected things that arise in our lives and how they effect us. But the truth is although we generally do not have control over these things, we do have control of how we respond to them. That’s right, the choice is inevitably up to us.

My daughter, Morgan is a prime example of this. As some of you already know, this past September a chloroma (cancerous tumor)  was found above her left eye as a result of her relapsing with leukemia 3 months prior. As you can see from the photo, her eyelid was swollen shut and discolored. These symptoms lasted several weeks.

Morgan could have allowed this unexpected diagnosis on top of the leukemia  to rob her of joy. After all,  it required her to be admitted into the hospital twice for a week or more at a time, undergo surgery and then radiation. However, she took on a different approach. While there were some not so good days , she chose to take one day at a time and to be thankful for each of them. During that process, she learned a lot about herself and grew as a young woman. While she did not have control over the chloroma, she did have control of her response to it. As her mother, I’d have to say that her response was that of a champion.

My friends, unexpected events will come. And none of us will be able to dodge them when they do. But, we do not have to give them power. No, instead we can embrace the power that we have been given, be confident in that , and be assured the this too shall pass!

I hope you guys have a great Thursday afternoon and a wonderful weekend! I’ll plan on seeing you here on Monday. Take care!!!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson


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