You Are A Blessing To Others

What if you are meant to be someone else’s blessing today? Perhaps the blessing will come in the form of something that you say to a friend, a smile that you extend to a stranger, or time that you spend with a loved one. Could it be that the Lord intends on using the unique gifts and talents that you have been given to bless the world around you? Yes, my friends…the answer is yes!

For the past few days we have been talking about blessings that are often found in the ordinary day to day things and the people that cross our paths, but the Lord also uses us to bless others. See, each one of us have some things to offer the world that only we can.  They are unique to us.  And although they may seem insignificant to us, they could be quite the opposite to someone else.

Take my friends and family in the picture above for instance, each of these beautiful people bless me in some way when I am around them. From Ben and his strong southern accent to Dayton and her precious giggle to Morgan and her beautiful smile and Montana’s encouraging words, I always feel blessed to be in their presence. Besides, what mom wouldn’t like to hear, ” Mom, you’re beautiful”. Right?

With that said, who will YOU bless today? How will you be the difference in someone else’s life? The truth is, you may never know. The impact that you have on the world may go unnoticed by you, but be certain that it will not go unnoticed by others. For the light that is within you shines bright! You are blessed to be a blessing!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I’ll see you here on Monday, and on Facebook-, until then!!!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson



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