Facing Fears by Redirecting Our Focus

How do you respond to fear? What is your way of dealing with it when it inevitably occurs?  If we’re honest, we have all been faced with it at some point in our lives, right? No one is exempt from fear. After all, it’s the bodies natural response to things that are dangerous to us both physically and emotionally. It helps us to act quickly to protect ourselves in potentially harmful situations.

But what about the things that are not necessarily “dangerous” ? An example of this for me would be the videos that I mentioned yesterday. Although creating them made me feel uncomfortable, doing them did not pose a direct threat to me. I just did not like the thought of talking to a  camera and sharing it with the world. For someone who struggles a bit with body image, it put me in a very vulnerable situation; although, I knew that the Lord was calling me to do them.

So, how can we positively respond to fear as such? What can we do when we know without a doubt that the Lord is calling us to do something, but we are afraid of doing it? Perhaps you’re not totally afraid of doing it, but the thought of it makes you feel extremely uncomfortable. I firmly believe that the answer is taking the focus off of whatever “it” is and redirecting our focus on to him. In other words, look up!

See, I truly think that the Lord calls us to do certain things that we would not necessarily do on our own for 2 specific reason. First, so that we have to depend on him. Secondly, so that he can help us to learn and grow, ultimately becoming who he created us to be. It’s a journey, my friends.  This life and all that we are meant to be, is a journey. And its a beautiful one! Lets embrace it. The good….not so good….and everything in between.

Let’s be the type of people that do the things we are called to do even if it means doing them scared. Let’s commit to doing them by seeking him first! When we are called to do something that forces us out of our comfort zones, let us direct our attention to him, seek guidance, and do it! Are you with me? I sure hope so! Can I get an AMEN this Tuesday morning?!?!

Thank you guys for being here today. I’ll see you on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thefaithfilledtraveler/ later today and right back here tomorrow morning! As always, any and all comments are welcomed & encouraged! Take care!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

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