Being Transparent

Good Monday morning, everyone! Welcome back. I hope you all had a great weekend with your friends & family and that you managed to get some rest.  The Watson’s didn’t have a whole lot going on as our daughter, Morgan was not feeling well Saturday and Sunday. With the exception of a short walk around the neighborhood early yesterday afternoon, we were indoors for the majority of the weekend.

On that note, I honestly do not have a blog post ready for you today. I am typically prepared a week in advance, but not this week. Although I had a topic in mind, I just could not sit down at my computer long enough to write. It’s as though every bit of energy that I had was depleted. I debated sharing this with you guys today, but I wanted to be transparent with you all.

See, for the past several years I have noticed a pattern in myself where twice a year, I just hit bottom. Its as though I run out of gas. I go from going 100mph starting at 4:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. to zero. That said, since our daughters relapse in June, this has happened twice now. I suppose the stress of that combined with the day to day just takes over my body, and it does so without notice.

With that said, I’m not sure how this blog week will go. But, I will do my best. I hope you guys have a wonderful day and an even better week. Take care.


Warmest regards,

Salina Watson

8 thoughts on “Being Transparent

  1. Take care of you sweet sister! All your followers will understand. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and words of wisdom with us. As always, prayers to you, Morgan and your family.

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  2. At times like this, although I’ve not walked in your shoes, I try to remember to be still and KNOW HE IS GOD! love ya! Praying for y’all!


  3. Salina you are so brave and proud to call you my friend. We dont always have to have it all together. I too, feel the same way you do right now and able to know that I am not alone is refreshing. I always feel I am alone at some things but I have learned I am not. I feel like my mind is too busy, trying to read and consume what I’m reading and life changes at home makes it stressful. I tend to ask what am I grateful for? What changes did I make today? How did I make a difference? Did I do something for myself today? Always remember to take care of you even if its just breathing the outside air with a good cup of tea. Remember the silence is when you know your next step but the silence is when you rest and give yourself some more energy by being graceful. You are victorious today and always sending love♡


  4. Thank you for being human and honest and showing us all we aren’t the only ones that just can’t do it all sometimes. Hang in there and give yourself grace!


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