Accepting Grace

Hebrew 4:16 (NIV)- Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

This week we have been talking about grace. Grace as Mary Fairchild describes it, ” is kindness from God that we do not deserve.” We talked yesterday about how we can’t do anything to earn it, nor can we do anything for it to be taken from us. For it was and is given to each one of us freely through love, and the price for it was paid over 2000 years ago at the cross.

Today, I want to talk about accepting grace for ourselves. Why do you think we have a hard time accepting grace? I personally think that one of the reasons it is so hard for us to accept grace from the Lord and others is because we don’t feel worthy of it. We sometimes feel like we have gone too far by words &/or deeds that it is hard for us to accept the gift of grace.

Although it is understandable for us to feel this way from time to time, it’s quite interesting to me. I mean how can our Creator, the one who was crucified for our sins, extend grace to us, yet we have a hard time accepting it in return? Perhaps, the missing link here is selflove. If he loves us so much that he can selflessly direct grace towards us knowing that we are on a journey of becoming who he created us to be, maybe we need to check our own hearts.

I say this with love and compassion, because it is something that I have struggled with for years. As far back as I can remember, I have always expected a lot out of myself. Whether as a wife, a mother, an employee or a friend, I set the bar high. I honestly don’t know any other way of doing it. This expectation, combined with room for improvement in regards to selflove has sometimes found me unable to give myself grace when expectations went unmet.  Thankfully, I’m learning, as we all are, and I’m getting better at this. Actually, a lot better. Hey, it’s never too late, right?

With that said, how are you doing when it comes to grace? Are you able to accept it with open arms when it is given to you? If not, is there something that you have put in place to help you get better at doing so? Please share. As someone who is working on this myself, I would love to hear any and all comments that you guys would like to share with me. Comment below, send me an e-mail or PM me on Facebook at , and be sure to check in there this afternoon. In the meantime, have a great Wednesday! I’ll see you soon!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson


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