Dreams That Glorify The Lord

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John 17:4- I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work that you gave me to do.

Gosh, I don’t know about you, but I feel like this week has flown by. We started out talking about our God given dreams on Monday, followed by the transformation that takes place in our hearts in pursuit of them on Tuesday, how others are directed to him on Wednesday, and here it is… Thursday! So, how do we leave things today until we meet again on Monday?  Well, I previously mentioned that there are 3 reasons why The Lord gives us dreams, yet we only touched on two, thus far. So, why not end there? Why not end on the most important reason of them all? Sounds logical, right? Lets jump in!

As a Christ follower, I believe that The Lord lives within each of us. We truly are his temple. Each time we answer the call to fulfill the dream that he has placed before us, our hearts are not only transformed and others directed towards him, but we uniquely express that which is in us. That is, God in us. This brings me to the third and final reason that I believe The Lord wants us to fulfill our dreams, and that is to bring Glory to him and to his name.

See, we serve a God that is infinite. He is capable of doing ALL things without limits, and he uses us to do it. This is what the Bible is speaking of when it says, “we are the hands and feet of Christ”. With over 7 billion people on the planet this is mind blowing, is it not? As each of us are doing his work by utilizing our unique gifts to fulfill our dreams, the world becomes a little brighter. As the world becomes a little brighter, our vision of him becomes a little clearer. The clearer our vision of him, the deeper our understanding of him and his power! This brings Glory to Him!

Think about the latest greatest gadgets that are out there. You know, the ones everyone is raving about. As a wife and mother, I’ll use the Instant Pot as an example in this case. Recently, my aunt gifted my family & I with one. I had no idea what they were are what they were capable of, but listening to her talk about hers, I felt sure that it was heaven sent. Once we arrived home with ours, unpacked it, and read the users manual a bit, we thought it was going to be a great tool. But, after using it to cook a few meals and learning more about all of its capabilities on the web, we now know that it was sent straight from God himself. (Lol) Now, I am in no way comparing The Lord to the Instant Pot, but I hope you can see what I am saying. As each of us begin to act upon our God given dreams, we expose what he is capable of doing more and more. This gives Glory and honor to him!!!

Well, I really hope that this week has helped you in some way. As a dreamer who firmly believes that our dreams are given to us directly from God , I also believe that it is imperative that we follow them. I, for one, surely will. My prayer is that you will, too!

Have a beautiful weekend, my friends. I’ll see you here on Monday and on Facebook until then! May the blessings of God be upon you all!

Warmest regards,

Salina Watson





One thought on “Dreams That Glorify The Lord

  1. I never see my dreams and when I do, I am not sure that they are from God. Looks like since I have the gift of service and giving that the work that God wants me to do is in retail. Have a great weekend as well


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